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Outside Patio Renovation in Maricopa, AZ – No Roof to Tile Roof!

From No Roof to New Tile Roof in Maricopa, AZ

This was a really nice project that Castile Roofing did out in Maricopa, Arizona for a customer.  He already had the patio built out from the previous owner, however it had a very substandard roof that didn’t do much for preventing water leaks.  The customer wanted it to be leak free, and to match his current tile roof.  There unfortunately ended up being far more woodwork than we anticipated.  He needed all new rafters, new beams, new flashing, and of course new underlayment and tiles.


The end product was beautiful.  A new, matching tile roof with all new wood that was watertight and will easily resist the strong monsoon storms coming in just a few months.  This Maricopa roofing customer was exceptionally happy, and we were glad we got to do the project with him.  Check out the gallery below, and call the best roofing company in Maricopa, Arizona when you need help!

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