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Patio Replacements in Phoenix

In the Phoenix metropolitan, having a patio is pretty much a given on most residential homes.  The vast majority of these patio roofs are built with rolled roofing.  The problem many homeowners run into is that many of these begin to leak sooner than the rest of their roof as the longevity of rolled roofing isn’t exactly the same as a shingle or tile roof.

A brand new patio replaced in San Tan Valley for a homeowner.

My Patio Is Leaking, What’s Next?

Common signs of a patio leak are drywall peeling/chipping, flakes of paint falling off the underside, or water dripping down while it’s raining.  As soon as they see one of these signs, they should immediately call a Phoenix roofing contractor to get it fixed.  If you catch it early enough, you can apply a roof coating (elastomeric or silicone roof coating) to the patio to extend its life a few years, and get the leaking to stop.  This is an inexpensive solution that can get your patio roof back on its feet.

If, however, the leaking has persisted for some time and you’ve got some wood rot, replacement is about the only avenue you have left.  There’s no way to replace the rotted wood, fascia, or trim without completely removing the current roof and replacing it with new.  If you’re in Phoenix, this is a pretty simple job for a roofing contractor, but not as inexpensive as just coating the roof.  It’s dependent on size, but you can expect to spend north of $2,000 to get it replaced.


My Patio Needs Replacement, What Should I Look For?

First, make sure you’re calling a leading Phoenix roofing contractor like Castile Roofing.  A proper rolled roofing product can get 20+ years of life, but if installed correctly, will start leaking within a few years.  It’s important that your roofing contractor has good reviews online, photos of their work, and a history of replacing similar patios.

You should also ask your contractor about the products he’s using.  All rolled roofing isn’t the same.  There’s torch down, hot mop, peel and stick, one layer, two layer — a variety of different options that all have their pros and cons.  These days, a two layer rolled roofing (comes with a base layer and a cap layer) is about the longest lasting you can get.  Instead of just having a thin underlayment and a top layer, it’s got two full rolls that comprise the patio roof.  This ensures that water isn’t able to penetrate the surface for decades to come.  Polyglass Polyflex SA P is a good example of a two layer rolled roofing product that comes with a base and a cap sheet.  There’s other similar products, but ensure your roofer is using something that comes with both.


If you’ve got a leaking patio or are in need of a patio replacement, give Castile Roofing, Phoenix’s premier roofing company a call.  We’ve replaced hundreds of patios throughout Phoenix, Surprise, Peoria, Chandler, Gilbert, and many more.  Quotes are always free, and we’ll make sure to only replace exactly what you need and nothing more.

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