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Coolidge Roofing Installation - Castile Roofing - Roofing Done Right!

Coolidge Roofing Installation

Coolidge homes are always a welcomed sight, and to see a new one built brings a smile to new residents to Coolidge. But no greater concern to new homeowners than from the very roof that rests over their heads. Summer months aside, torrential rains, dust storms and simply getting the best materials for your home can make or break a roof; literally. Fortunately, Coolidge can rely on the Valley’s own roofing company, Castile Roofing gives peace of mind to all new homeowners with Roofing Installation Done Right!

The Right Materials for the Roof of Customers’ Homes

As with all matters of the home, the right roofing material for the home is crucial as the very foundation upon where the home stands. Castile is able to assess which material would best suit the home. Some of the more common material used in roofs in the Valley are:

  • Tile: This is the most common material in both availability and pricing. Since nearly every home has it, it’s very common to see both the strengths and setback of this material. Easy to install, but they are heavy and can be difficult to replace. It’s also noticeable¬†should replacements happened, due to coloration issues. If customers have concerns in using tile, we recommend contacting our associates for a consultation, along with scheduling an appraisal for a nominal fee.
  • Shingle: Not ENTIRELY uncommon in the Valley of the Sun, but Shingle does offer some benefits along with core setbacks. First, it’s surprisingly much cheaper than Tile and can be installed fairly quickly compared to its heavier counterpart. That said, the drawback is that shingles are not ideal for extreme heats or squalls during the Monsoon Season. Also, like tiles, shingles can chip off or break, but while it’s easier to pick up the damaged shingles (due to weight), they can be very small and difficult to spot until it’s too late.
  • Metal: One of the more expensive methods but are able to take more punishment than tile or shingle. The downside is that metal is easy to absorb heat, especially in the summertime. Also, warping occurs over time. Finally, it’s difficult to make repairs on metal roofs and thus it’s costly to do so.

That’s Quite A Selection…

These are but some of the materials used throughout homes in the Valley of the Sun; the ones listed are the most commonly installed. If there is a specific material that is necessary, contact us so that we can make possible arrangements; scheduling to your time is important to us.

Scheduling On YOUR Time To The Best Of Our Ability

Another great benefit of Castile Roofing is the flexibility of scheduling. Contacting us is a wise investment of your time to make your roofing concerns handled swiftly. To be fair, we cannot IMMEDIATELY come to a person’s home, solve their installation concerns right then and there with all the needed materials, the appropriate manhours of work needed, and not use an item over what was necessary. No company can do that.

What we CAN do, is schedule time to assess the home’s roof to be built. Castile Roofing then will setup followup schedules to see when the installation is done for the home. Having this level of transparency makes customers empowered that they are getting the results they paid for and that they remain aware of the process. It also helps customers that may have further questions the opportunity to ask while our team of roofers work on-site.

What if There are Changes That Need to Be Made?

All the more important to stay in contact with us in regards to the installation process. Should an issue arise, keeping us informed makes sure we are working for the customers. That is how customers make sure they are getting their roofing done right!

What It All Comes Down to For Roofing Installation

For every roof, each decision is vital to ensure that customers not only have the best choice of roof, but a roof meant to last for the life of the home itself. Customers want to make certain that their roof is from the most cost-efficient yet sturdiest material, that the installation is in a timely manner at the customer’s time-frame, and can see the installation through from beginning to end. This is handled by our peerless roofer teams at Castile Roofing. These roofers are natives to Phoenix for most if not all of their lives. They KNOW the lay of the land and the heat of the summers that come down on the Valley; this makes them experts in their field while striving hard to make roofing done right.

Coolidge offers much for Homeowners. But more is needed to keep the roofs on their homes in the best of shape. That’s why Castile is the hometown favorite roofing company of the Valley: Castile Roofing! Call now to get Coolidge Roofing Installation Done Right today!


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