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We are Sun City, AZ roofers who have helped countless Scottsdale residents with their roofing problems. We pride ourselves in the quality of our services. We’re so confident that we can solve your roofing related needs that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our AZ services.

The majority of our Sun City, AZ customers are derived from from referrals. It is our agenda to offer only the best roofing practices know to Sun City and in turn we are certain that you will you refer your friends and family when they are experiencing roofing issues.

Trusted Roofing Services in Sun City & Sun City West, AZ

At Castile Roofing, our integrity is our pride. Said simply, we do what we say. This means we show up when we say we will, deliver the quality of roofing work we promise bill at a fair rater as agreed upon. It is the unfortunate case that due to poor roofing practice and outproduces, many roof leaks and maintenance issues are caused by negligence from roofing companies.   Even if you think you’ve tried everything, and no one else has gotten results, Castile Roofing will  dicipher the problem and promptly resolve it.

We Work on Both Commercial & Residential Roofs

Castile Roofing has experts that specialize in both residential and commercial roofing. So if you have a commercial or residential roof, we can help you assess, fix, and repair your problem.

Sun City Roof Repair

Tile Roof Repair

Most people are shocked to find out that roof tiles can last upwards of one hundred years. The problem that usually occurs though is the underlayment underneath the roof tiles begins to ware-down after 15-25 years due to weather elements. If the underlayment on your Sun City roof has not been installed correctly, this can decrease the longevity of your roof by as much as five years.

Tile Roofing Repair Sun City & Sun City West Arizona





At Castile Roofing when we come and assess your tile roof in Sun City, we will look at the underlayment and assess if we can do a small repair or if it is economical in the long run to replace all of the underlayment.

Shingle Roof Repair

Depending on the roofing material that the contractor who constructed your roof chose, the expected time frame  that a shingle roof will last upwards of 30 years. At Castile Roofing we will assess if it is more economical to replace the eniter roof or if it is possible to just repair the problem areas of the roof.

Shingle Roof Repair Sun City & Sun City West





Typically however, spots on the roof may be repaired to give you a few more years of performance.

Roof Leak Repair

Roof Leak Repair Sun City & Sun City West Arizona





Castile Roofing has been called to Sun City homes that have been leaking for many years now. We have rectified roofing issues that are the result of improperly installed, brand new roofs.  No job exists that is to difficult, no issue we can’t promptly and effectively resolve.

Foam Roof Repair

Left maintained, foam roofs are preform the worst out of any other roof. Obviously if a foam roof is properly maintained the longevity will increase dramatically. A typical foam roof will last about ten years however a full Sun City foam roof repair can add an additional years of life onto your roof.

Metal Roof Repair

Metal roofs may last for upwards of 50 years. Due to the fact that metal roofs have reflective coating that wears off, it is important to clear the debris off the roof and check for rust every year or two.

Catching and resolving a rusting roof could add twenty years or so to the life of your metal roof.

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We Repair Your Roof Fast

When you call Castile Roofing, we will gather information over the phone about the roofing problems that you are experiencing and then we will promptly send one of our roofing experts out to your property.

We will come out assess the damage and give you a quote as soon as possible. We are also available to schedule appointments that are suitable to your schedule. This includes early in the mornings, late in the evenings and weekends.

Knowledgeable Inspectors

Our roofing inspectors have years of experience and thus we are able to deal with a wide array of different types of roofs and roofing problems. We have proven procedures that isolate exactly where the problem is on the roof and how to most efficiently resolve the problem. Once we have assessed what is wrong with the roof we will deliver a quote to you.

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