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Roofing Patio Repair/Installation

Ever thought of needing a roof over your patio? Keep the summer heat from beaming down during the day and thus, we encourage installing a roof for your patio. However, once installed, you’ll need to keep it up to par. Castile Roofing can not only install but also provide Roofing Patio Repair as well. We also offer a gallery of a recent roof patio installation to help showcase our skills.


The Castile Roofing Patio Installation!


As you can see from the construction of a roof patio, the first concern is making sure it lines up with the existing roof. Any areas that have dips or pockets in the connecting areas will cause water pockets to occur. Fortunately, our roofing team has ensured such pockets are not present with this case study shown in gallery form. Other aspects include the following:

  • Material used for roofing
  • Initial structure and waterproofing of support areas
  • Final layout to the home itself

The beauty of working with Castile Roofing is we work with your Roofing Patio Repair/Installation at every step. From the design of the plan to completion, our roofer professionals will assist in making the process thoroughly worthwhile.

Is Castile Roofing the Best Choice?

Indeed it is! If you need basic roofing services, consultations, or if you have questions or concerns, Castile Roofing will assist in the best possible way. Our talented roofing professionals have handled Valley roofs for over several decades, making them masters in the field and able to handle unique situations in a timely manner. This makes us the ideal roofing company no matter if your home is in Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Avondale, Scottsdale, Glendale, Phoenix, Queen Creek, and more!

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