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Commercial Roof Coating for Casa Grande

Not often seen in the Valley of the Sun, much less Casa Grande, is the use of Roof Coating on buildings. There are simple but effective methods of safeguarding your roof from the harsh environment. Castile Roofing is capable of such roofing techniques, however we do stress the importance of whether or not you need this method of roofing.

So what IS Roofing Coating?

While similar to Built-up and Foam Roofing, Roofing coating is a single membrane; this membrane is fully adhering and usually liquid-based to make application easy and with little effort involved. There is one main reason why this is confused with Built-up/Foam roofing; this method is also used as the finishing coat. Roofing Coating, in this example, acts as the UV shield and waterproof sealant.

How is This Beneficial to a Commercial Business?

Roofing Coating acts as the main form of protection. This prevents roof wear and tear, but only when no foot traffic is present. When installed, you will see a vast reduction in heat inside the building. It also helps insure a near perfectly dry interior from above.

That said, it solely dependent on the design of the roof itself. If the building is a flat roof, and not properly sloped, you run the risk of the coating becoming damaged. This damage is due to either erosion from standing water, or when puddles large enough show in certain sections of the roof where its slopes inward (due to construction issues). Finally, this coating is designed for natural protection; such as the sun and rain. It is not for foot traffic. We wish to repeat that for clarity.

How Can Castile Help With This?

First and foremost, our team of roofing professionals will assess whether or not such roofing coating will be necessary. We do this with consultations and/or inspections. We will provide effective means to your situation. If a roofing coating is needed, recommendations are made. Quotes are provided if the customer agrees; then work will begin shortly after their consent. Our job isn’t just to fix your roof. It’s to make sure you get Roofing Done Right, from start to finish, so that you can focus on more important aspects of home ownership.

How do you Contact Castile Roofing for “Roofing Done Right?”

We have two main means of contact. The first is via email: or We provide both of these emails as a means of contact. The reason for this is should you be in Casa Grande or anywhere else in the Valley, we’ll be there. The next option is by phone: 520-587-9447. This is focused on Casa Grande residents. If you are in Casa Grande but have a home elsewhere in the Valley, we recommend our main line number: 602-687-7282. This will cover you in all areas of the Valley.

What Makes Castile Roofing The Best Choice?

Castile Roofing is a local business of the Valley ever since its founding. We have roofing professionals that have decades of experience in making sure each home’s roof is intact. It’s the reason why we have remained in business for as long as we have. So contact Castile Roofing if you want your Roofing Coating Done Right!

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