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Roofing Inspection

Homeowners are always looking to make sure that they are getting the best deals. From the location to the condition, getting a home is a very important decision to make. One place you definitely want checked is that of the roof; but not all customers know what problems might exist in a pre-existing home. That’s where Castile Roofing’s Roofing Inspection can come into play, and thus allay your fears to rest.

How is this different from your Roofing Certification?

There is a key difference between Roofing Inspection and Roofing Certification. To start, Roofing Certification is to have our ‘seal of approval’ of sorts. This means that the roof itself follows strict Housing and Construction Guidelines that are required by the State of Arizona. Also, a certification basically means we’re checking for all work involved, but don’t offer additional services from there. It’s to check the quality of the roof. Finally, the cost is significantly higher than an inspection. A Roofing Certification costs $150.00 US Dollars whereas an Roofing Inspection only costs $85.00 US Dollars; however, in the purpose of full disclosure, neither price includes taxes and labor fees and the pricing listed on this page is not final, rather an estimate on standard home roofs throughout the Valley.

What does a Roofing Inspection Involve?

Our staff will essentially take an assessment of the roofs conditions, first focusing on the areas that customers tell us inform us first. Their evaluations then focus on the amount of damage on the roof, the materials of the roof, and the size of the roof. We then provide potential services after the inspection; those will be an additional cost separate of the inspection itself. If you want us to complete the repairs, we must then create a new invoice of repair as a follow-up to the inspection completed. That way, we can provide proper scheduling around your time for Roofing Done Right!

How Do I Request a Roofing Inspection?

Requesting a Roofing Inspection follows the same method as a roofing consultation. You can use our Contact Page. This service is for all residential and commercial owners, for all the Valley Cities, such as Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Casa Grande, and more. Simply trust the Valley’s own Roofing company, Castile Roofing, for Roofing Done Right!

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