Casa Grande Single Ply Roofing

Single Ply is one of the most cost friendly solution for businesses to have. Similar to Roofing Coating, it’s a process that acts to create a roof using PVC or TPO materials to create a membrane system. There are advantages and disadvantages to this system. Fortunately, Castile Roofing will be there to explain as well as provide assistance in this roofing design.

What is Single Ply?

As stated earlier, Single Ply is a roofing system that uses special materials as a means to be the overlay for the roof itself. The purpose is to have a single layer applied to the roof to save time and cost of materials, hence the term “single ply.” In most cases, single ply roofing is of the same color as roofing coating, a white or black finish.

What are the Advantages to Single Ply Roofing?

The advantages are that of flexibility, being able to ebb and flow to the winds. This is a very beneficial feature. Another advantage is that Single Ply has a higher resistance to UV radiation (aka the sun). A lot of air fields in Casa Grande and the Valley in general will have Single Ply roofing in this regard. Finally, the cost is low. This means you can get the roof you need without breaking the bank.

And are there Disadvantages?

There ARE disadvantages to this type of roof. Much like with roofing coating, water retention is problematic. Should puddles of water take form on the roof, it may seep through, causing a leak. It is also not wise to walk on this type of roof as it is susceptible to punctures. Fortunately, Castile Roofing will handle all roofing matters, if you allow us to. Finally, while ideal for a quick solution, it also fall short with its lack of a life expectancy. For example, while tile and metal roofs can last up to a full century with proper maintenance, a single ply (depending on materials used) can only last up to 30 years before a complete overhaul is needed; that is with normal maintenance practices kept.

How Does Castile Roofing Help With Single Ply Roofing?

Our team is knowledgeable in handling problems that take place on the roof. Having decades of experience under their belts, they will quickly assess the situation and provide the best costs for your business/commercial needs. The best way to contact us will be via email: or Should you not have access to email, we recommend our phone number for Casa Grande residents: 520-587-9447. Our team will respond to your call or email shortly and get in touch with you for setting up a consultation to see if single ply is the ideal roofing solution for you. It’s not enough to do roofing; we at Castile work hard to make Roofing Done Right!