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Mobile Home Roofing Eloy, Az - Quality Roofing - Amazing Customer ServiceIt doesn’t matter how big or small your home is, it is supposed to protect you from the outside elements.  Here in Arizona, the summers can seem relentless, only to be followed by the monsoons.  And after some of our storms, it is amazing how much damage they left in their wake.  At any time, your roof can become compromised, leaving your home exposed to moisture and water.  Which can cause insurmountable damage to a home if left unattended.  At Castile Roofing, we provide the best mobile home roofing repair Eloy residents!


Mobile Home Roofing Repair Eloy Residents Can Rely On!

Mobile home Roof Repair - Roof Overs - Roof ReplacementWith the framing and structure of mobile and manufactured homes, you have to consider the weight and distribution of a roof’s weight, comparatively.  Because the structure of the trusses are limited to the weight they can withstand.  Therefore, the roofs of mobile homes used to traditionally come with flat roofs.  However, more mobile home manufacturers are producing them with pitched roofs as of recently.

So, there are 3 choices that suit mobile homes best, and are both low in cost, the most durable, and are cost effective for utilities.

TPO – This is also known as “Thermoplastic Polyolefin”.  It is a single-ply roofing material that is the white in color and a mixture of rubber and plastic.  White or light colors are best for reflecting the sun and heat we endure in Arizona.  Having a TPO roof over can decrease your energy bills up to 30% in our climate.

Asphalt Shingles – With asphalt shingles, you have a wide variety and selection to choose from.  The lighter colors reflect the sun, rather than absorb the heat like the darker colors do.  If you have this type of roof already, you must replace the entire roof.  Because, you cannot layer shingles on a mobile home (again, the weight factor).

Metal – You can choose either exposed fastened metal roofing, or mechanically seamed metal roofing.  Both of these roofing panels can provide a water tight seam needed to keep you and your home well protected.

Roof Overs

Roof Replacement EloyAll three of the options above, can also be used in a roof over on your mobile home.  Therefore, you can build the frame of a pitched roof over your already existing flat roof.  Allowing you to have an overhang as well as providing your home to have a fresh look.  Unless you install additional insulation in between, the cost of a roof over can be more affordable than replacing your existing roof.

Give us a call or click HERE to fill out a quote request.  We will call you back as soon as possible, with an estimate.  We will clearly define the cost of the materials and labor for the options you have to choose from.

Roofing Done Right!

Roof Repair Eloy - Arizona Roofing Contractors AssociationAt Castile Roofing, we feel that there is no roof that is too big or too small.  If it needs repairs or a replacement, we are here to heed your call Eloy residents!

Give us a call for us to provide a free estimate, free from any obligation to hire us as your roofing company.  Although we are confident that you will be impressed with our low prices and professional services from the start!

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