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Deck & Balcony Repair Services

Having a deck or patio can be a fantastic addition to any home—no matter whether it’s for enjoying time outside with the family, entertaining friends and guests, or throwing a summer barbecue. Unfortunately, the space is exposed to the natural elements such as rain, wind, snow, etc… Thankfully, Castile Roofing has the best service for deck and patio repairs.

Some common problems decks and patios have include the following:

  • Wood can become loose, cracked, or rotten.
  • Boards can start to become too pliant.
  • Handrails can become loose.
  • Support posts can become aged and weak.

At Castile Roofing, our professionals can assess and fix any damage that your deck or patio has and give you a quote for free. How our process works is you give us a call our fill out our form. We gather the information that we need and then we will schedule one of our techs to arrive at your property to give you a quote. We are able to make any repair to your balcony and deck.

Can we repair it or do we have to replace it?

When we arrive to your property we will assess of all of the damage to your deck or patio. In most cases we are able to repair the issues. However, in some cases the best option is to replace your balcony, especially if structural elements are damaged. We strive to do the best thing for your home so that you can enjoy your outdoor living space for years to come.



Balcony Our balcony repair services at Castile Roofing are second to none!  There is no job to big or small to revive your balcony’s beauty to be enjoyed once again.

Re-Stain Patio and Deck

If your patio or deck’s stain is fading away our professionals can provide top notch service to repair it. Castile Roofing has the best patio and Deck re-staining professionals that will provide outstanding service. We will ensure that we give you the best treatment and that you are completely satisfied.

Replace Weak or Sun Damaged Boards

Castile Roofing is able to provide the best board replacement service. In Phoenix the weather and other factors can quickly deteriorate the integrity of your boards. With Castile Roofing we are able to quickly and efficiently replace your boards no matter the damage.

Replace Dry Rotted Boards

With the Arizona heat boards are prone to drying out and rotting. Thankfully, Castile Roofing is has highly trained professionals that are able to replace your boards. No matter the condition, we will do our best to replace your boards.

Repair or Replace Termite Damaged Boards

Termites are a huge detriment to boards and can heavily damage them. Castile Roofing is able to come in and replace your termite ridden boards. Your boards will be completely replaced and no longer have any termite damage.

Re-Coat Patio or Deck Areas

Is the coat on your patio or deck wearing off? Castile Roofing is able to re-coat your patio or deck and make it look brand new. Our team members are highly trained and will provide the best service to you. With your patio or deck’s new coat it will look brand new, and the patio or deck will look better than before.

Re-Attach, Re-secure, or Replace Damaged Fences

Do your fences need to be fixed or replaced? Castile Roofing is able to provide the highest quality service to you and your fences. We can re-attach, re-secure, replace, and possibly do even more to your fences.

Repair Unsafe Balcony Areas

Unsafe balconies are a hazard and a danger to everybody, and the unsafe balconies must be fixed. Castile Roofing has the highly trained professionals in balcony repair. Our professionals are able to repair the balcony to the original state if not even better.

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