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New Roof Installation

As with all new homes, putting on a roof is the final aspect of the first part of the home. As always, having the the roofing installed and built to last is important. It’s important to get professionals to handle such an installation for your new roof. Castile Roofing is such a professional roofing company. Let our business be the one to handle Roofing Done Right!

How Does Castile Roofing Handle New Roof Installation?

Simple. First, we would consult with the customer on the type of roof they are looking for, or create the roof that was settled upon. We would step in once the core of the roofing is constructed; meaning the part where we can walk on it safely. We’re a roofing contract company, not a construction company. After which, we come in and provide the groundwork, so to speak. After that, we simply complete the roof based on the materials and design, and voila! You have a roof over your head.

Is it Expensive To Do A New Roof Installation?

A new roof installation can get expensive but that’s based on several factors. The first factor is square feet. The larger the roof, the more expensive it can be. Shortly after that, the material used is the next expensive aspect. If you get lighter material, it will cost less, but also keep in mind that it may also break down sooner. If you get heavier material, it costs more, but it will last longer. Here’s a list of roofing installations we provide to our customers in the Valley of the Sun:

Count on Castile Roofing for Roofing Done Right!

You made the right choice in having us handle your new roof installation. Our company has helped customers throughout the Valley with their roofing concerns for over a decade and beyond. We’ve also covered the breadth and scope of the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area from Mesa to Avondale, Casa Grande to Maricopa.  So if you need a trusted roofing company, contact Castile Roofing today!

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