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Roofing Leak Repair

Nothing ruins a home like a leaky roof. Warping of ceilings and dripping of water aside, there are the additional problems of mold/mildew, infestation, and eventually, the repair of it all. That said, do not despair! Castile Roofing can assist in providing roofing leak repair work to get your roof back to peak performance.

Call Early to Deal With Any Roofing Leak

Just like with any potential roofing issue, especially with a roofing leak, getting the problem resolved as quickly as possible is your best option. This is crucial during the summer months, despite what some would say. The severe heat of the summer weakens the roof significantly. This is most common with tile as well as foam. This is made worse by homes that place the A/C on TOP of the roof. As the summer months intensify, so does the A/C’s usage, meaning the cooling for that A/C is sent down its exhaust, and possibly onto the roof itself.

Over time, that leak becomes apparent in a single area, seeping into the material and thus, weakening the roof further. By then, it is already too late; the damage is done. At that moment, it’s a race against time to get it repaired before the monsoon/hurricane season, which could cause the very A/C to go through the roof, damaging the home or worse. Sorry for the doom and gloom, but we want you to be alert of a very real danger.

So Leaks Aren’t JUST From Rainwater

Indeed. Roofing leaks are contributed by various sources; more than just water. They can come from animals that can access the roof via a tree, or insects burrowing into the roof from the sides of the home. These problems must be addressed to avoid further damage to the roof. While Castile Roofing cannot handle any pest control problem, leave it to us to handle roofing leak repair. Our roofing professionals will quickly assess the problem, make the appropriate repairs and keep the roof nice and maintained. We have taken pride in this aspect so we are confident in our service to you, the customer.

So You Handle Nearly Any Roofing Leak Repair?

The main takeaway is that if you have a problem with leaks on your roof, you can rely on Castile Roofing to resolve that problem. Be it leaks, broken materials, or a new roof installation, our team of skilled roofers handles them all. Our staff has over two decade plus years of working experience in the roofing industry; they found methods to quickly assess the problem, repair the damaged areas, and restore your roof back to working order. We cover the roofs of the Valley of the Sun, so no matter the city (Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Glendale, Sun City/Sun City West, Avondale, Chandler, Casa Grande, Scottsdale, and more), no matter the roofing type, Castile Roofing will do our absolute best to show you Roofing Done Right!

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