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Residential Roof Coating

Tile is said to be the most common type of roof. That said, it’s not the only type that is used for homes here in the Valley. Most commercial businesses have a roofing that requires coating as a means of protecting their roofing from rain and the like. Would you believe that some residential homes have the same thing? Yes! It’s true. Castile Roofing not only handles standard roofing for businesses but residential roofing coating as well.

Residential Roof Coating is Possible?

Yes. In fact, most homes that are traditional homes in the Valley have flat roofs to accommodate as patios for their sunbathing or star gazing pleasure. Therefore, it’s important to not only have a sturdy place to view, but also to shield from wear and tear of any items placed on the roof.

How Do We Schedule an Appointment?

To schedule, an appointment is very simple. First, you can use our contact page to get in touch with us. The link is here. Once contacted, we can schedule a time to get the residential roof coating for your home completed. Finally, we arrive on-site and begin the process.

How does a Roof Coating Help The Roof?

Roof coatings have always helped in keeping out harsh sun rays from entering the home, just like any other roof. It’s also a means of filling in any gaps to make sure the roof is leveled. That said, if the coating does come off, we can remove the defective coating and then apply a new layer of coating.

What Makes Castile Roofing?

Castile is a trusted roofing company in the Valley of the Sun. We cover a variety of roofs from tile, to foam, to basic maintenance. Whatever the type of roof, Castile Roofing is skilled in getting any roofing problems handled. We also have experience in handling residential roof coating throughout the Valley Cities of Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Casa Grande, Glendale, Chandler, Avondale, and more.

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