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Service Areas in the Phoenix Metropolitan Valley by Castile Roofing

Castile Roofing is a full-service roofing company that service areas covering all of the Phoenix Metro Valley’s roofing needs. We offer both residential and commercial roofing services. If you are having roofing issues with your residential or commercial property, it is crucial that no time be wasted before hiring a roofer. Many roofing issues can appear minor but can end up being more complicated and may rapidly escalate to bigger problems if not remedied.

We proudly work in the following service areas:


Avondale, Arizona Service Areas


Mesa Roofing


Peoria, Arizona Service Areas

Sun City & Sun City West

Sun City, Arizona Service Areas

Casa Grande

Casa Grande Service Areas


Chandler, Arizona Service Areas


Phoenix, Arizona


Surprise, Arizona


Glendale, Arizona Service Areas


Scottsdale, Arizona Service Areas


Tempe, Arizona Service Areas

Eloy (Coming Soon)

A Trusted Roofing Company for Phoenix Metro Valley’s Service Areas

At Castile Roofing, we understand that having a problem with your roof can interfere with your life and/or business. Let’s take leaks, the most common problem of roofs, for an example.

From a Customer’s Standpoint

For a new personal homeowner or an owner buying a older home, a leaking roof is a sign of poor construction and investment. This problem can affect any electrical equipment at the home, be it wiring for ceiling fans, or antannae for TV/Internet usage. It also leads to health hazards, such as mold and fungi, or be a breeding ground for roaches, spiders, and insects. The problem escalates when it hits the wallet. A pest problem becomes costly to deal with when it comes from the roof as opposed to from the floor or floorboards. All this from a leak being neglected. The last thing you want to think about when it comes to your own health and safety is the very roof over your head being the breeding ground responsible for making your health bad. Worse, you don’t want it collapsing on top of you while, say, you’re sleeping.

From a Business Standpoint

For a business, it draws away customers when leaks from a rainstorm take place. It also causes potential hazards if you have a business with tile floors. One slip from a puddle of water coming from a leaking roof is a lawsuit just waiting to happen; even IF you manage to section off the area beforehand. Not to mention that it disparages the reputation of the business itself when customers perceive they can barely maintain the building’s roof, and thus, a poor business. Fortunately, we are here to alleviate those thoughts, be it residential or commercial.

Why We Cover Large Service Areas

It does not matter if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced; it does not matter the distance of the service areas. You can count on us to get your roof fixed right it an effective and timely manner. At Castile Roofing, we are known for our ability to install quality roofing systems with effective installations practices for an environment that is safe for your building’s occupants and contents, with less liability and fewer work interruptions. It sounds impressive, but there is a legitimate reason for going this far.

We are also a local business AND locals ourselves. To that end, our reputation is always on the line and thus we make sure we offer the best of our services. When we say Roofing Done Right, we MEAN it. We understand the frustration of going to a company and that company providing shoddy work for the sake of a quick buck. We make it our goal and standard to get Roofing Done Right. First Time. Only Time. Every Time. Contact us today and see what we can do for your roof now.

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