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Built-up Roofing for Avondale’s Businesses

Avondale has homes with many different roofing designs. Some of them employ the Built-up Roofing (BUR) design. This design, while has a history in the industry of roofing, is still relatively new in use for businesses in the Avondale area. Service for such a roof may be limited. Fortunately, Castile Roofing is here to assist in making Built-up Roofing Done Right!

What is Built-Up Roofing?

As the name implies, built-up roofing is a design that involves the layering of various materials to create a membrane that acts as both roof and waterproofing sealant. This variety of materials includes a base sheet, such as asphalt, several layers of insulation from materials like cotton. Finally, an outer membrane to act as both the visual representation of the roof, but also what acts as waterproof sealant to keep water from leaking into the building.

What Makes Built-Up Roofing Good for Businesses?

Most businesses have flat roofs for their buildings. BURs are cost-friendly for businesses because of the materials used. Another benefit to BURs is that of their ability to shield from UV exposure. This is vital, especially from the Valley’s sun during the summer months. Also, with proper maintenance, BURs last as long as tile roofing does. This only works if that business takes time to see building issues are kept under control. The roof is one of them.

How does Castile Roofing help with Built-up Roofing?

Castile offers quick and timely solution to get BURs up and running properly. Our staff will offer a consultation in regards to the installation or maintenance of BURs for your business. With our expertise from our roofers, you’ll get roofing done right by Castile Roofing!

How do you Reach Castile Roofing?

To contact Castile Roofing, we recommend either email address of, or If you need us immediately, start with this. After that, there is our phone number: 623-777-7471. Either way, here’s the means to reach us. Now Avondale businesses have a means to get Roofing Done Right for their buildings. Contact us or call us today!

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