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Apache Junction - Castile Roofing - Roofing Done Right!

Apache Junction

One of the most commonly known cities in the East Valley, Apache Junction is home to many that still believe the West is Wild. It’s also home to an oasis of manufactured and mobile homes. But there are still proud homeowners that have roofs to maintain over their homes in AJ. Castile Roofing understands this, and therefore we want to ensure Apache Junction Residents that if you want Roofing Done Right, turn to Castile Roofing.

Do You Handle Manufactured/Mobile Homes’ Roofs?

Sadly, no. The reason for this is that most manufactured homes are primarily metal or single-ply roofing. This makes it difficult to do any major or even minor repairs on the roof itself. Also, in some rare cases, just being UP on the roof can cause damage. That said, if there are patio roofs nearby the home, it’s open-season for our roofing team. Also, if you have shingles for roofs, we’re more flexible in this regard, but we focus primarily on the main patio roof.

Then What Do We Do?

First, don’t fret. While we may not be able to handle your repairs, we can offer consultations and steps to get repairs done for your roofing needs. Contact our staff for a consultation to see what potential steps customers can take for their roofs.

But What If I Have a Standard Home?

Then we are more than willing to offer our services for these homes. If you are in need of repairs or replacements, Castile Roofing would be the best option for you. Call today!

Is Castile Roofing the Ideal Company for Roofing Done Right?

This is the philosophy that Castile Roofing works on each and every day. This makes us trusted by customers to get their roofs repaired or installed. We’re also able to help customers throughout all the Valley Cities of Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Casa Grande, Scottsdale, Avondale, Glendale, those in-between, and of course Apache Junction. So if you need Roofing Done Right in Apache Junction, Castile Roofing is awaiting your call!

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