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Rebuilt Arizona Room, New Patio/Back Roof in Casa Grande

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From Leaky Roof to Brand New Roof

This customer in Casa Grande, Arizona had an Arizona room in the rear of their house that had been pretty much unusable for the last few years.  The wood used was the wrong thickness, and due to a poorly installed flat roof, it leaked in a dozen locations.  The homeowners wanted to enjoy their Arizona room and not have to put up plastic and pans every time it rained.

This project took a bit more than a regular roof replacement.  For starters, all the wood was rotted.  They needed all new rafters, new fascia, new trim, and even new wood sheathing before the new rolled roofing could be put down.  Thankfully, our guys were up to the task.  The woodwork posed no problem to getting the project completed.  Fortunately, they called the best roofing company in Casa Grande, and we got the job done.

The Casa Grande homeowners also decided to replace the back half of their roof which, thankfully, didn’t need as much work as the rest.  The end result was great, and will surely allow them to enjoy the back half of their house for years to come.  On top of that, it’ll surely endure the intense Casa Grande rain and storms that the area is known to get.

If you need help on a flat roof, a shingle roof, or just a leaking roof, call the best roofers in Casa Grande: Castile Roofing.


Outside Patio Renovation in Maricopa, AZ – No Roof to Tile Roof!

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From No Roof to New Tile Roof in Maricopa, AZ

This was a really nice project that Castile Roofing did out in Maricopa, Arizona for a customer.  He already had the patio built out from the previous owner, however it had a very substandard roof that didn’t do much for preventing water leaks.  The customer wanted it to be leak free, and to match his current tile roof.  There unfortunately ended up being far more woodwork than we anticipated.  He needed all new rafters, new beams, new flashing, and of course new underlayment and tiles.


The end product was beautiful.  A new, matching tile roof with all new wood that was watertight and will easily resist the strong monsoon storms coming in just a few months.  This Maricopa roofing customer was exceptionally happy, and we were glad we got to do the project with him.  Check out the gallery below, and call the best roofing company in Maricopa, Arizona when you need help!

Is Spray Foam Roofing Worth the Cost in Arizona?

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Spray Foam Roofing in ArizonaSpray Foam Roofing Phoenix

How Much Does Spray Foam Roofing Cost?

In the past, spray foam roofing has been deemed an unpopular option because of the price. However with recent manufacturing innovations, cost have gone down immensely leading to a rise in popularity.

Spray foam roofing is becoming recognized as the best roofing material for flat roofs in Arizona. Whether you are reroofing or doing a brand new roof, foam roofing can cost anywhere between $3000 to $14000. If you want completely new spray foam roof and not just a foam over, expect to pay a few thousand more for removal and dumpster fees.

Pricing depends of course on the size of your roof as well as the amount of AC, Solar, Skylight, etc features your roof has. The reason for this is because the sealing process will take various amounts times depending on the number of features. The typical price per square feet is anywhere from $100-$200 for residential spray foam roofing


How Long will a Spray Foam Roof Last?

Spray foam roofing is favored over cheaper materials for it’s longevity. When you install spray foam roofing you will need to get it resealed after the initial 5 years. This is to solidify the base layer and protect the insulate gasses and cells that work together to create the foam. The top layer will take any damage leaving the bottom layer unscathed, protecting your roof from all of the elements. The second coat cost about 20% of the original, however the long term benefits will pay for themselves. The double coating process makes for a roof that will last for over 20 years, sometimes up to 30 years before repairs are needed.


Get a Free Spray Foam Roofing Estimate in Phoenix

We have a hard working and trustworthy team at Castile Roofing dedicated to serving you. We will come to you wherever you are in the Phoenix area whether it be Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Gilbert, Surprise, Sun rise, Care Free, and more – to deliver the best free roofing quote available. We are A+ rated by the BBB and have over 15 years in roofing experience. Give us a call!

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