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Maricopa Tile Roofing Repair

Tile roofing is said to be the standard of Valley homes in Maricopa. This is for a variety of reasons, which we will explain below. It’s also important to get quality tile roofing repair to ensure your home looks great and has no issues whatsoever. In short, you want Roofing Done Right! That’s where Castile Roofing steps in.

What makes Tile Roofing Special?

Tile roofing is unique in some of these aspects:

Primarily, the materials of the tile itself can withstand the harsh environments of the desert. This is especially true of the Valley’s summer months where we commonly see triple digit days. Tile materials also hold up even in the non-summer months (ranging from October to March). This high elemental resistance is key to keeping down costs of cooling and heating. Speaking of costs…

Secondly, tile itself is a relatively inexpensive material. Nearly every home in the Valley has a tile roof. The material is made here in the Valley of the Sun in most cases. This saves both time and cost of materials like metal sheeting or As a fellow Phoenician business, we take pride in using materials made right here in the Valley to further support our community. This leads us to the next benefit…

The third benefit to list is that tile is relatively quick and easy in terms of isolating and repairing problems on the roof. Damaged section of tile quickly warrants quick replacements. Drooping sections of tile require a simple realignment. Need a new roof over your head? Tile can cover that. Installation is near seamless, and the benefits carry over with time; leading to the next point…

An unexpected bonus is that the life expectancy of tile is an average of 80 years. That’s over three generations! With proper maintenance along with preventative repair work, tile roofing lasts even longer. Castile Roofing recommends this proactive approach to ensure your investment. Contact us today.

Finally, the aesthetics of tile is intriguing for a more homely design. Where shingle roofs serve the same purpose of keeping the elements at bay, only tile can offer the classic Valley of the Sun visage that adorns the homes of our residents and businesses.

Why Focus on Tile Roofing Repair?

Tile Roofing Repair is critical for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, the functionality. If a roof is not up to par, several things happen:

  • Health violations from exposure to the elements (water in particular). It’s important to take care of this immediately. Regardless of roofing material, mold and mildew is a serious issue.
  • Damaged tile gives a bad look to the home. Maricopa prides itself as a city with a ‘prosperous future.’ This future cannot be achieved if the roof of your home is damaged. Damaged tiles hurt the property value of the home itself. The roof is the most notable part of the home. Damages make it difficult to sell your home thus you end up squatting on the home. Worse, it causes the property values of your neighbors to drop too. Getting tile roofing repair from Castile Roofing helps ensure your property remains in good hands.
  • Delaying repairs becomes costlier. This same problem is like with missing a credit payment or a bill. Delaying tile roofing repair has its own ‘fines;’ the listed examples above. While you aren’t charged a monetary penalty, the cost of repairs increasing acts as such. This is easily avoided with regular maintenance and consultations for future repairs as preventative practices.

How do we reach Castile Roofing?

We have two main methods of contact for Castile Roofing. The first is via email: Use this to request a consultation or request to repair. You can also contact us via phone: 602-687-7282. From here, our representatives will help schedule roofers to your home to handle issues on the roof. So if you need Roofing Done Right, you know how to contact us!

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