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Roofing Certification

Everyone that has owned a home in the Valley knows this scenario: You plan to sell your home to a potential client. Client is inspecting the house per norm; yet they feel something off. Then it happens. They complain about the roof. One of the biggest challenges for any homeowner selling in the market is giving clients confidence in the roof over their heads. That’s why we at Castile Roofing cannot stress the importance of recieving Roofing Certification so that you can rest your (or your client’s) head easy.

Why Get Roofing Certification?

Simply claiming your house is put together properly or claiming it looks nice no longer holds sway. People are known to demand assurance when making any purchase. This is even more important in purchasing a home. Since the roof is the largest issue and the one that looms over their head, they want to be certain everything is working without issue or incident. Having your roof certified gives peace of mind for not only homeowners but home buyers as well.

What is a Roofing Certification?

Basically it’s a mark of qualification that a homeowner’s roof meets standards met for that city/county building codes. Instead of having your home inspected by the government, we step in and provide the service instead. We follow the same guidelines as local county agencies. Finally, we offer additional services along with the certification. Castile Roofing provides¬†maintenance to get your roof certified by these standards. That’s why we offer certifications along with consultations.

What makes Castile so Unique?

Having been a company serving the Valley for as early as 2000 makes us understand the type of beatings roof can take. We know that summers can be harsh, winters can be brutal, and all in between bring wear and tear to a good roof. That’s why we have skilled employees that are fairly quick in their work.¬†That’s why we have been getting business from Valley Cities such as Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Casa Grande, Scottsdale, Avondale, Glendale, and more.

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