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The most critical part of any building is the roof. That is because it protects the entire structure from hush weather conditions such as heavy rain fall and strong winds.  Furthermore, it also provides insulation which makes the environment comfortable to live in. Even though materials used for roofing are supposed to give you years of services, most of them do not last for long as they should. However, there are various warning signs that homeowners can be on the lookout for to prevent further damage.

Moreover, you also need to be aware of the fact that the entire roof structure does not age at the same time. Some sections of the roof age faster. This is usually seen in areas that experience hot temperature such as Phoenix, Arizona. Below are sevens signs that show your roof needs replacement.

1. Dark And Dirty Spots Forming In Some Sections Of The Roof.

Algae and stains usually cause roof discoloration. Stains may be found on most areas, but algae is known to grow on certain areas of the roof structure. If the algae is not prevented at an early stage, it will start eating away the organic shingle base. However, you can be able to prevent such damage by hiring a licensed roofing contractor to inspect your roof. If the algae is detected before it causes serious damage, you can be sure that your roofing material will last as long as it should.

2. Missing Or Cracked Parts Of The Roofing Material.

The most common roofing materials used today is asphalt shingles. This roofing material is made of fiberglass and asphalt. The finishing of the material is done using granules, which covers all sides. Granules are also used to enhance the texture and color of the finished product. Besides enhancing the looks of the product, granules are also used to protect this particular roofing material from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. When the material is damaged, granules will start falling off from the roof, and the material will quickly degrade because of the sun’s temperature.

The shingles will also start to curl up on the bottom edges. The second sign that you should be on the lookout for is cracked or missing tabs of the shingles. What cause the shingles to crack or come out is strong winds. In case your home is experiencing such problems, you can seek advice from a professional roofing contractor on what you should do

3. Increase In Utility Bills.

Today’s real estate developers design homes that are energy efficient and this is achieved using insulation. Most structures nowadays are designed with a central cooling and heating system for regulating indoor temperature. However, if warm air builds up inside the attic, it can result to increase in utility bills. Roofing structure that is properly installed features an ample ventilation that runs along the eaves and ridge of the building. The main reason why the roofing structures are damaged at an early stage is because of lack of insufficient ventilation. During winter when ice dams occur, homeowners are forced to deal with icicles, which extend from the gutters. However, roofers can assess the ventilation and make it better by installing extra vents.

4. Forming Of Mold And Stains On The Inside Part Of The Material

Leaking of the roof also causes discoloration on drywall. The area which is mostly affected by this problem is the bathroom. Because of this reason, it is advisable to conduct an inspection on a regular basis to prevent further damage. However, some leaks can remain an identified for a long period until the damage worsens. However, by hiring a professional roofing contractor, your roof can be inspected and have all the minor issues fixed at an early stage.

5. Blistering Of The Outside Paint.

Blistering of the outside paint indicates roof damage. This usually occurs round the gable ends and the overhangs. It is easy to spot blistering paint, and you do not need a roofing contractor to detect such issues. However, a regular inspection should be done to make sure that the paint is well intact on each side of the home. Excessive attic heat also causes the paint to peel off and form bubbles under the eave and on the edge of the gable. However, this can be prevented by enhancing air circulation inside the house. You can improve air circulation using attic fans, ridge vent and bathroom exhausts.

6. Leaking Of The Attic After Heavy Rains

You can also inspect the condition of the roof by climbing in the attic when there is a high storm. Once in this position, look for exposed attics which makes it easy for homeowners to access the rafters. You can use a flashlight on the plywood and rafters to identify darks spots that have formed because of roof leakage.

7. Sheathing And Shingles Decay

Sheathing decay usually occurs in older homes. Furthermore, you can spot this problem from the ground, and you do not necessarily have to climb on top of the roof. When some the sections of the roof start sagging, it is advisable that you consider roof replacement to prevent major problems. It is not easy to identify such a problem in some structures and in this case you might be required to hire a roofing expert to locate the problem and offer a reliable solution.

Roofing companies in Phoenix can help both commercial and residential property owners maintain their roofing structure by conduction regular inspection. This is a convenient way of making sure that structures in Phoenix have a long lasting roof.

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