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Residential Tile Roofing

About Tile Roofing

Tile Roof Repair In Phoenix, AZ

Tile Roof Repair Phoenix AZ

Tile roofs come in several different types and design choices to fit a variety of homeowner needs. These include:

Basic Tile Roofs

  • Cement Tile: is common across Arizona and the most popular of tile choices. Concrete tiles are renowned in preventing moisture from entering the home ceiling. They can also resist extreme heat, which is vital in the summer months. Cement tile roofing is durable and can last up to 60 years in Arizona’s harsh weather. With a variety of styles, these roofs fit the Southwestern designs of many homes in the Valley of the Sun.  
  • Clay Tile: is one of the most common types of roofing tile in use. While typically thought of as Spanish tile, clay tiles are designed for several different finishes and textures. What makes clay tile ideal for Arizona is its resistance to heat and moisture. Furthermore, clay tiles are long lasting and, with regular care, can last up to 50 years.
  • Composite Tile: is a lightweight tile option that weighs less than concrete or clay tiles. For the homeowner whose home lacks the structural ability to support a heavier tile roof, composite tile allows them to have the many advantages tile roofing systems offer. Like other types of tile, composite is durable and long lasting.

Additional Tile Roofs

  • Spanish Tile: is not so much a material as it is a specific type of tile design that is commonly made out of clay. Spanish tile is easy to spot due to its ripple designs which are not only stylish but also help remove water. These tiles offer all the advantages of clay tile in a distinctive style and a wide selection of colors.
  • Concrete Tile: another attractive option for homeowners. It has the same advantages as clay tile but offers more customizable options. Concrete tiles are designed with many different colors and styles. This allows it to match any home’s style and is often suitable for communities with appearance standards and HOA regulations.

Why Choose Castile Roofing?Phoenix Roofing - Tile Repair

For homeowners who need tile roof construction or roof repair services, they need expert assistance. At Castile Roofing, we stand by our workers, the quality of our work and we only use the best repair products and roofing repair materials. We have over a decade of experience as roof repair specialist in Arizona, covering Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, and Scottsdale. Along with installation, we also offer services replacing tile and tile roof repair. Interested homeowners are invited to contact us today to learn more.

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