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Complete Reroofing - Castile Roofing - Roofing Done Right

Complete Reroofing

Sometimes, you don’t need a full repair if the roof looks good; albeit rare. In which case, a complete reroofing could help save some money for customers in the Valley of the Sun. However, Castile Roofing must inform customers to understand the difference from a Repair and a Reroof

Complete Reroofing vs. Roofing Replacements

First and Foremost, a reroofing is an additional ‘layer’ of roofing on slightly fewer damaged areas. Roofing Replacements is exactly that; you have us remove the damaged and worn out roof material.

The (Literal) Pitfalls of This Method of Roofing

There are massive pitfalls to this method. First, reroofing can only be done once; only when the roof itself is in good condition. This means doing a Reroofing when you ACTUALLY need it is completely useless. This is because doing reroofing from a problem creates a 2nd Layer; a roofing situation Castile Roofing does not handle.

What Other Services Does Castile Offer?

This is a great question! First, we offer consultations; this helps out both our teams and customers to properly plan and budget roofing repairs. Second, we have various repair options for both customers and businesses. Just contact us to get started. Third, our reputation throughout the Valley as a respectable roofer company helps us throughout the Valley; the trust earned through each home/business and each roof we fix/install continues to grow.

Castile Has The Experience To Do The Difference

With over a decade of dedicated experience, Castile is able to quickly assess the situation to get roofs rebuilt properly. Sometimes, a Complete Reroofing is unnecessary. This distinction to know the difference between this method and the simple roof work; finally, to prevent even the possibility of a 2nd Layer incident, we strive to accurately and efficiently make Roofing Done Right; throughout our beloved Valley of the Sun!

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