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Castile Roofing Does NOT Handle 2nd Layer Installation

Castile Roofing DOES NOT Handle 2nd Layer Installation - Roofing Done Right

There comes a time in all businesses, regardless of industry, in that they must state limitations to services rendered; in this case particular, roofing installations. It is at this time that Castile Roofing must state, we as a roofing company do NOT provide 2nd Layer Installations. There is a valid reason for this denial of service; if you want Roofing Done Right, 2nd layer is NOT the way. Here is an explanation as to why this is the case.

Costs of Tear Off is Beneficial Without 2nd Layer Installation

In the event that we would need to tear off any part of damaged parts of the roof, a 2nd Layer Roof complicates the process. First, the tear-off service usually cost up to 40 Dollars per 100 sq. ft. depending on the company. However, inaccurate tear offs due to it being in the SECOND Layer as opposed to the first can cause further damage and in turn, give rise to ‘canyons.’ We will get to that later…

Cuts Down Disposal Costs IF You Don’t Get 2nd Layer Installation

Almost all roofing services require a disposal service. If you have a normally layered roof, the cost would be less than 20 Dollars per 100 sq. ft. depending on the company. Once again, a 2nd Layer Installed roof can further complicate costs.

Heat Problems – Obviously

This goes without saying. As this is a desert Valley, heat is a constant challenge of every roof, REGARDLESS of material and method of installation. 2nd Layer roofing creates double the damage; both from the heat trapped in-between layers, AND any particular wear and tear from either layering.

Increased Costs with 2nd Layer Installation

If the whole time reading this it has not been obvious, 2nd Layer Installation is even more expensive than standard repair/maintenance/installations. By a LOT. Worse, if customers end up with ‘canyons’ then all is out of our hands. Speaking of which…

‘Canyons’ are Irreparable, Further Destroying That Roof

Once a roof has reached a canyon state, the roof is beyond saving. This is not something a roofing company, much less us at Castile Roofing, wishes to admit. All the more reason why we DO NOT handle 2nd Layer Installation. There are far too many concerns involved.

So How Can Castile Claim to Make Roofing Done Right?

We make Roofing Done Right by ensuring these types of installations are not done. This gives us the reputation of a quality roofing company that is trusted in the Valley. So if you want Roofing Done Right, contact Castile Roofing today!

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