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5 Nail Asphalt Shingle Installation

Roofing companies use various methods of installation based on the materials desired for their clients’ roofs. Of the many installation techniques we have at our employ for Shingle Installation, the 5 Nail Asphalt Shingle Installation method is the best and most trusted method of roofing installation. Read on to find out more.

What is ‘5 Nail Asphalt Shingle Installation?’

5 Nail Asphalt Shingle Installation - Castile Roofing - Roofing Done Right!

5 Nail Asphalt Shingle Installation is precisely that; a method of keeping shingles in place by using traditional methods, aka hammer and nails. The term ‘5 nail’ is based on the usage of a set amount of nails for each shingle. This process repeats as evenly as possible to provide quality installation; a roof to last the most brutal of weather changes. There is a downside to this process; cost. Depending on how large the project, it may require large assortments of shingles or a different installation method. However, any changes made to the roofing project will be made known immediately so as not to put our customers off guard.

Is This Your Only Method of Installation?

Fortunately, it is not. There are other methods that we use, such as ‘6 Nail Asphalt Shingle Installation.’ These methods are part of our repertoire for Roofing Done Right and thus we make sure to use the most efficient and effective methods possible.

How Does This Help Castile’s Case as the Best Choice?

Castile has proven to be a quality choice for roofing installations in the Valley thanks to our efforts in tile installations. But we also provide Shingle Roofing Done Right as well.


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