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Casa Grande Balcony & Deck Repair Services

Casa Grande has many homes with¬† great balconies and decks near the roof of their home. It’s there that some of the best views in town are seen; along with some great outdoor activities. But with all things in a home in Casa Grande, the harsh elements of wind, rain and sun take its toll. That’s why we at Castile stress the importance of Balcony Repair and Deck Repair along with roofing repairs.

What are the more common problems needing Balcony & Deck Repair?

Contending with problems before they happen saves time and money to the customer. In fact, here is some of the telltale signs that you should contact us for repairs:

  • Warped, Cracked, or Moldy Wood Planks. This is the most common of deck/balcony problems. If not properly coated or poorly constructed, the wood splinters. This could cause unsuspecting users to get pieces of plank stuck into their skin or feet, causing additional health hazards.
  • Weakened Supports. No Balcony or Deck will last if their supports give way. The damage alone from the fall would be massive, let alone the catastrophic damage if any people were on it while the supports collapsed. The same is said of handrails.
  • Fire Safety. As most decks and Balcony is made with wood, and we’re in a desert, there is the risky of fire happening. While we cannot guarantee that your balcony/deck will be fireproofed, we can assess the warning signs and request replacements with that assessment.

How can Castile help with this?

Primarily is getting into contact Castile Roofing with either of these methods:

  1. Via Email: that email is With it, you should get a response within 24 hours, possibly sooner.
  2. Via Phone: our phone number is 520-582-9447.
  3. Online Chat: We offer a chat feature with up-to-date response time during regular business hours.

Three different means to reach our assistance for when you need it most. There’s no need to hesitate when your deck/balcony is in need of repair. Contact us today!

Aren’t you a Roofing Company? Why Balcony Repair/Deck Repair?

Castile Roofing IS a roofing company. However, most people tend to forget that balconies and Decks can be attached or a part of the roof itself. Because of this, they share similar symptoms when starting to wear down. Rather than hire two separate professionals and end up with multiple days of on again, off again effort, contact the one company capable of doing both at once! Save time and cost while you are saving your deck/balcony. Finally, we offer our fair share of expertise from handling homes in Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, and our other service areas.

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