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Silicon Roofing

Silicon Roofing - Castile Roofing - Roofing Done Right!

Much can be said about silicon. Not many believe that Silicon can be used as Roofing Material. Castile Roofing is the roofer company that can show Silicon Roofing Done Right!

Silicon Roofing? Isn’t Silicon…

Ideal material for roofing? That is dependent on the building used. In most case, this is for commercial purposes. That means businesses use this material as a cost-effective alternative to Foam Roofing, but only meant for flat roofs.

Wait…That isn’t what-

One thinks of a roof; made of silicon? True. It is unique, but don’t be fooled. The installation process is similar to foam roofing, but with some minor adjustments. These adjustments to are to factor in the heat for the normal Arizona Summers as well as the weather during our Monsoon Season (also in the Summertime).

Okay, You’re Not-

Going to have to worry about the cost? Nope! Again, for businesses, this is a great alternative and they would save hundreds of dollars in maintenance and repairs. However, we do have to state that this may not be the best option for local residents. We would recommend tile, shingle, or even (but rarely) foam roofing for homes in the Valley; be it Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Glendale, Casa Grande, or any of the cities in the Valley of the Sun.

Stop Dodging The Subject!

Okay, okay, we spun it long enough. We just don’t like bragging too much that Castile Roofing gets Roofing Done Right, even Silicon Roofing. Our focus is to provide quality roofing service to every customer and every business in the Valley. This requires understanding and efficiency of the installation, maintenance, and repair of various roofs. So if you need Silicon Roofing Done Right, then there is only one source: Castile Roofing! Finally, we do know what Silicon is used for outside of roofs; it’s used in computer parts. Looking forward to hearing from our customers soon!

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